Did anybody else notice the triangle of coffee shops forming downtown? All within walking distance!

Also, I find it really interesting how Lola Coffee is just a half mile north of Lux. Talk about cannibalizing your previous establishment. Not that it will hurt Lux, that place is always packed anyways. The great part is they’re all within reach of Light Rail and walking distance, including Copper Star.

There are all sorts of new shops opening up downtown soon. It’s really exciting.

Lola Coffee
4700 North Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 265-5652

LUX Coffee Bar
4404 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 696-9976

Copper Star Coffee
4220 N 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Phone: (602) 266-2136

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  1. Density! I remember in some big city, I forget where, there were Strarbuck’s at the bottom of, what seemed ike, every highrise building in downtown. You could not get away from them and no local coffee shops. It looked almost like all the banks popping up on every corner in Phoenix.

  2. Matthew Petro

    The coffee scene in CenPho is definitely getting denser, and there seems to be the customer base to support it. I love to see this. But, I’m not all that excited about Copper Star. The triangle I’m really interested in is Lux/Lola’s/Conspire. For my money, they’re really the premiere coffee spots in CenPho. But the other places (Fair Trade, Drip, Copper Star) aren’t bad, so I think that says a lot about the increasing quality of independent coffeehouses in the Valley.

    Also, I’m interested to see what the addition of Thrive does to coffee in CenPho. Will they be only a coworking destination or will they be a serious player in the coffeehouse scene?

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