Press Coffee has a new toy — a Trifecta Coffee Brewer.

I’m going to get a video of it in operation very soon.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thanks for the lustful photo, but no video or extra photos. Perhaps I will catch a flight up there and see it soon 😉

  2. Hey Brian, you can watch a video at the Bunn website:

    This are awesome machines, not cheap but worth every penny. Because of its price we do not have one in our showroom (yet) but we can order you one for your home, you will love it. I believe is the equivalent of clover done by bunn. Competition is great!

  3. Psyd

    It either rocks the coffee, or it really needs marketing hype like that movie.
    My knee-jerk reaction to that kind of simpering hard-sell is that the product sucks.
    ‘Tech Enabled’? What does that actually mean?
    Ya know, if Ron says that it’s awesome, I’m tempted t believe him, based solely on his reputation. If I hadn’t seen his post before the video, however…

  4. Well it does look pretty cool and definitely looks tech enabled (not sure what that means either except it must be good). But then Hario stations look just as cool and can be said to be technically enabled also, but in a laboratorical way (Oddley can back that up, I’m sure). I wonder if it’s worth what is probably at least several thousand $$ difference between the two? Can’t say because I’ve never tried one.

    It kind of bucks against the trend of moving to simple, but extremely effective brewing systems (Miletta, Hario, siphons, etc.). Unless very well funded, a new shop might want to concentrate spending $$ more on espresso equipment than single cup brewers (my humble opinion, of course).

  5. Googling around the price seems to be around 2.7-3k. Apparently much less than the Clover.

  6. I just got one in my shop a couple of days ago. We have a Clover too and have been running some comparisons. The trifecta is a really cool machine and it has a lot of brew parameters that we can control so it has been taking me a while to dial in the coffees. It’s too soon for me to give any definitive answers about the method as a whole, but I will say that it tends towards a different flavor profile than the Clover does. We’re getting good cups of coffee from it now; I’m sure once I figure it out, we’ll start getting great cups. All in all, I think it’s going to be a great asset to the shop.

  7. Actually the list (street) price is suggested in the high $4000 but pretty sure roasters can get it for less.

  8. Steve (Press)

    I can second what Richard says….you really just have to dial in what you feel is the best profile for each coffee. Thats the most unique part about the Trifecta is that it gives you 5-7 ways to enhance your coffee, whether its a blend or single origin. Yes pricey BUT better then the expense of a Clover..not to say I dont like the Clover…come by and try it if you have a chance!

  9. Steve (Press)

    Brian….we’ll send a donkey down to bring you back up the hill!!!!!!!!!!!