The number of coffee shops we visited.


The number of shots of espresso I had on an empty stomach.


The number of espresso shots I actually drank.


The number I wish I hadn’t drunk.


The number of upcoming podcasts and interviews.


The number of photos I took.


The number of coffee destinations we didn’t end up having time for that were on the list.


The number of macchiato’s that truly were amazing.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Mike Trevino

    I had a great time talking shop with you guys and drinking espresso. I wish I coulda’ had lunch and gone to Raging Sage with you, but it just was not in the cards. I admit to having really bad shots at one of our stops. The other one was kinda ok, but now that I think about the crema it had, I think it was la Macchina and not la Mano responsible for the results.
    Ultimately, I’m sorry, Tucson for all it’s coffee shops, could not produce the taste results that a town with this many coffee shops should be producing. With all this competition, you’d think we’d all be tripping over eachother to serve the best coffee. Alas, the shops, rather than work on training, go for customer drawing gimmicks. (Cough! Hooka! Cough!) Sorry, I was still tasting that bad shot, which still clings to the back of my throat.

  2. We enjoyed having you in our shop today. We were honored. I hope you can edit all the umms.

  3. Had a blast today!…as well as one of the best macchiatos ever…Coffee Vein!

    Many thanks to our gracious hosts.

  4. John & Darlene

    We missed you at the Elixer Coffee Truck in Oro Valley. There was a great turn out for their 3rd anniversary. We came all the way from Minnesota hoping to meet you. Maybe next time.

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