This Saturday in Tucson is an awesome looking event: Tucson Coffee Crawl.

The event is described as an “an event that guides the curiously caffeinated through some of Tucson’s best cafes while hosting demonstrations that educate crawlers about proper coffee roasting and brewing techniques.” Sounds awesome, right?

When: Saturday, November 10, 2012 beginning at 9 am (see schedule)

I emailed the organizers and understand there are more than 120 people RSVPd at this time. The event is first-come-first-serve, and even though so many people have responded, they are encouraging everybody to come out. They’ll have multiple “cuppings, comparative tastings, home-brewing demos, roasting demos” during the event. Laura Adams, the organizer, says that the “entire crawl is bikeable, and most of the crawl is walkable.”

They have a lot of information up on Facebook and their web site, but here is a list of coffee shops they are visiting:

  • Cartel Coffee Lab
  • Sparkroot
  • Yellow Brick Coffee
  • Exo Roast Co.
  • Caffe Luce
  • Raging Sage Coffee
  • Adventure Coffee Roasting

If you go, be sure to let them know you heard about it on Arizona Coffee. The Arizona Daily Star also has a story on the event.


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  1. Great Idea in order to promote good coffee, I hope to participate in one of this events here in Phoenix metro area (I am sure somebody will organize one soon). For sure will be attending this one in Tucson. I wonder why a place like savaya wasn’t included?

  2. curtis

    Ron. I think they were looking at roasters in the downtown region that are close walking distance. Savaya feeds on the out ring of Tucson.