I just received an email from Matt Peters writing to let us know about two new coffee houses in Tucson.

Hi. I just noticed that one of my favorite coffee houses in Tucson, Shot in the Dark Café, is not listed on your web site. There was an article about the place in the Tucson Citizen recently.

Another place that opened in Tucson recently is 6th Street Café, which is located at the corner of Campbell and 6th, near the University campus.

Thanks Matt! Good stuff! I like the 6 Street Cafe logo, too. It’s really trendy and I like how it fits in a box.

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  1. Matt Peters

    Thanks! I like your web site; I just discovered it this morning and have already found it useful. I will definitely be using it to locate good coffee when I do some work in the Phoenix area this summer.

  2. This looks as if they’re going back to the days of Cafe Ole (what it was when it was a real coffee house).