* Arizona Coffee Does Not Endorse Rocket Coffee Roasters or Larry Jones *

I’m visiting Tucson on Saturday, August 12th with the exclusive purpose of getting coffee. Larry Jones is making the trip with me and we’re going to do some interviews, taste some coffee, and have a blast meeting people in Tucson. This is just a heads up to let everyone know about the trip. Please contact me if you’re interested in meeting up! Thanks!

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I, for one, am looking forward to meeting you. Seeing and conversing with Larry is always a blast (from my experience:) ).
    If it’s ok, maybe I could tag along to some of the shops you hit? Do you have a list of shops to hit or are you gonna wing it?

  2. Fair warning Tucson! Lock the doors and keep the women and children away…well, maybe not all that. But whatever you do, please don’t serve me a 16 ounce cappuccino, a macchiato in a paper cup or pull me a 5 second espresso. Actually, I have high hopes for our coffee comrades to the South. Should be a lot of fun!

  3. Josh

    if you want the best espresso in Tucson go to Raging Sage. It’s located on Campbell and Grant, it’s small, locally owned and the baristas are knowledgeable. I’d avoid Coffee X Change as they screw up even an Americano. Safehouse is always a good stop if you don’t mind the cigarette smoke, (get the Viatnemese). Espresso Art on University has some kick ass Turkish coffee.

    Hope you enjoy!

  4. Josh, thanks for the tip. I’m hoping Chris and I have time to stop in our trip down there!

    No mention of Tucson coffeeshops is complete without “The Coffee Vein”!

    These folks are doing it right and you can read about it on my blog here;


    Take notice all you coffeeshop owners serving your mediocre products, and repeating a phrase I hear all to often, “my customers aren’t complaining, so there’s no need to offer them better coffee”. Usually followed by the statement, “plus business for me is kinda slow lately”. There are some super high quality coffeehouses beginning to hit the scene and it’s about time!

  5. Charlie

    Karma or coincidence, August 12th elixer is celebrating is birthday, everyone, of course is invited. There will be all the stuff that goes with such an event, including fine coffee. It’s great that you’ll be in the area, We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Tucson.
    Larry, perhaps you should bring your own “special” cup (and a stopwatch). You may be surprised though, Many machines are properly set up, some of the grinders get adjusted (often), and many of the Baristi are very talented.

  6. Hi Charlie, man that sounds tough! I don’t have a special cup and I can count to 28 in my head (on a good day) via one thousand, two one thousand – well you get the picture.

    If it sounds as if I’m a coffeesnob, or a perfectionist, I am, and I’ll tell you the reason. In a somewhat abbreviated version. I spend an awful lot of time, resources and energy in doing what I do. What I do is roast the worlds finest coffees, in a way that will showcase each indvidual coffees subtle and delicate flavors and aromas. That is to say, I’m bringing out that particular coffees potential, it’s strengths, if you will. This may be lost on a large number of people who view coffee not from a culinary perspective but more as a caffiene delivery device. This view needs to change and expand. That is why I spend so much time and energy on education. This comes at a great cost to me but everyone in the specialty coffee industry stands to gain from such endeavors. As you know, coffee is a demanding mistress that loudly cries out from such abuses as improper brewing and storage/handling techniques, proclaiming loudly, “I’ve been ruined by a careless hand”!

    Bottom line here Charlie is there are far too many places serving a bad to mediocre cup, and getting away with it. If true quality driven, conscientous coffee proffesionals stood quietly by, our industry as we know it, would be losing what little market share we control to the likes of Procter & Gamble and not gaining the ground we so desperatley need.

    That is why I, as a coffee roaster with both feet firmly planted in the true sense of “specialty coffee” will take a long hard look at a company, much like yours, before deciding if I will allow you to serve my product.

    On a lighter, much less serious note, I’m glad to hear you adjust your grinders! That is but one of many steps needed to take to insure your customers are getting their money’s worth. And that is a healthy start for our industry as a whole!

  7. Thanks for the recommendation Josh, I just spoke with someone at Raging Sage about meeting with them.

    Charlie: Got your email and sent one back to ya! Curious to know how to find you… not having been to Tucson in several years, my familiarity with where Oro Valley is at is pretty weak. Thanks!

  8. Charlie

    Oro Valley has become very civilized, but for reference; find Starbucks and look south across the parking lot.

  9. Haha, those are some awesome driving directions. Thanks. 🙂