I’ve been using Twitter for over a year now personally and for Arizona Coffee and really enjoy it. There are a bunch of people in the coffee scene in AZ who are on Twitter. I thought I’d give a shout out to them and also share this link about a Texas coffee shop that used Twitter to double their clientele.

Coffee Shops on Twitter:

@libertymarket in Gilbert
@PressCoffee in Phoenix
@cartelcoffeelab in Tempe
@SweetRepublic in Scottsdale
@mamajavas in Phoenix
@coffeeplant around Phoenix

Cool people in and around coffee on Twitter:

@austinmiles in Tempe
@arizonacoffee in Arizona
@Jasoncalhoon in Tucson
@pressjavagirl in Phoenix
@realjoe in Gilbert
@unique_coffee in Bisbee
@ronaldcortez in Tempe
@TheCoffeeScout in Cave Creek

Anybody I’m missing? If so, leave a comment!

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