Besides the awesome new design here at Arizona Coffee (more about that later), I recently added two new content pages.

  1. An updated “Master List” of coffee shops in Arizona, leaning towards the independent shops
  2. A new list of coffee roasters who roast in AZ

2006 Goals: Update to include maps, wi-fi listings (for now reference this page), and individual Arizona Coffee reviews and photos in addition to expanding the accessibility of archives.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jeremy

    You need some fixes:
    – Gold Bar Coffee House is called Gold Bar Espresso and is in Tempe, and their website is
    – Xtreme Bean is in Tempe also
    – Seattle Espresso is in Ahwatukee
    Thanks for the list, this is great!

  2. Thanks for the updates Jeremy. I’ve updated the page.

  3. Mike

    Who owns Coffee Plantation now. Is it still part of Diedrichs? I thought I heard that someone bought them.

  4. Mike – They used to be owned by Diedrich Coffee and now I’m not sure. I’ll ask the barista next time I’m in a Coffee Plantation.

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