I saw this article in The Arizona Republic this morning. I haven’t been to Unlimited Coffee yet, despite driving past it dozens of times. It’s a coffee shop on Glendale near the 51 freeway that opened in May 2005.

Inside what used to be a Pizza Hut, there’s a 16-foot-long boardroom table that runs down the center of the old angular pizzeria.

There’s free Wi-Fi, enough electrical booster cables to wire a revolution and café lattes that regulars promise will taste better than any corporately owned coffeehouse.

The article continues:

The camaraderie is exactly the concept that Hans W. Mathiesen intended when he opened Unlimited Coffee in May 2005.

He pulled the boardroom table out of a warehouse to be the focal point of his coffeehouse.

“The whole goal was for people to interact and escape the frenetic pace.”

Unlimited Coffee
741 E Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 252-1200

Arizona Coffee

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  1. O

    I went here on my way to work last week. Really mellow. A bunch of guys, mid-morning, hammering away on their laptops. Random 80’s music. Friendly service. My soy latte was ok, but I’ll go back to try it again. The fact that it used to be a Pizza Hut cracks me up.

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