On my way back from a meeting, I decided to stop in at Unlimited Coffee for a quick refresh. I’m pleased I did. I’ve driven past this location at least a hundred times, always wondering about the story.

Inside, it’s one big room with a massive conference table in the center. I count 14 chairs around the table. This is road-warrior central. They have power outlets at every seat, and the wireless internet is flowing.

Around the walls there are white leather couches. They look a bit warn, however they are super comfortable. One of the barista gets up from his seat when I walk in, and makes my drink. It’s close to 110 outside and so I order a frozen vanilla latte. It blended, and the vanilla flavor is strong. I’m counting the number of people here. There are 14 people here. Not too bad for a Thursday afternoon in Phoenix.

Because of the set up, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Unlimited Coffee is a daily hangout. In 2006 the Arizona Republic called it “Cheers without the alcohol.” Interesting.

One of the owners is behind the counter talking to a customer. He’s telling the customer about how they have customers who call them while they are on vacation. Definitely like Cheers.

Anyways, I wanted to post about this place since it looks like a good place to hang out and get on the internet, while enjoying a coffee.


Unlimited Coffee
741 E Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: (602) 252-1200

Arizona Coffee

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  1. The gelato at Unlimited Coffee is to die for. They have quite a flair with the gelato.

  2. Karen m.

    yes, i had their raspberry gelato the other day and it was to die for.

  3. This is the closest coffee house to my home. I enjoy the beverages, the gelato, and the friendly service. Calling the couches “worn” is a bit generous. The furniture here is the one aspect most in need of an upgrade. Of course, that’s costly, so I hope it’s something Unlimited can do in the future if it enjoys steady business.