While visiting Cartel Coffee Lab’s downtown location this morning, Jason Silberschlag mentioned to me that the USBC has redrawn the regional map used for competitions.

Now, instead of the “southwest” being defined as Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico it expands to include Hawaii, California, Utah, and Colorado!

This is great news, but also means those who choose to compete will have intense competition! If you’re interested, the announcement PDF is available here.

Oh, and the 2010 World Barista Champion is Michael Phillips.

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  1. Psyd

    What it means is that it’ll be much, much harder to get the SWBC anywhere in AZ again. I understand why they did it, but I’ll have a harder time getting to LV, or Oahu, LA, SD, SF, Denver, or Santa Fe, all real competitors for Arizona’s ‘central’ location.
    And I’m pretty sure that anyone else considering hosting it are going to count this last SWBC as our shot.
    I see the SWBC back here in ten years, maybe, five or six if we’re lucky.
    I’m not bitchin’ or anything, just pointing out the downside, mostly personally and selfishly. I’d like to go and help out (volunteering for the jam here was just such a blast) or even work the gig, if not just go to watch and support my Ay-zee baristi.

    BTW, We finally got our selves a US WBC!