Arizona Coffee

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  1. I knew that Jason was on that path, but I didn’t know that he had been up and running, It is a consolation, and a bit of an embarrassment, that I had to find out here what’s happening in my neighborhood. I betcha it’s not two miles to Jason’s trailer from here.
    The cappa was great. The Peet’s isn’t gonna offend anyone, and it is a dependable, wonderful cappuccino. I’m gonna have to go back for an espresso!
    I got a bag o’ beans, but if you’re wanting some of the Peet’s, it’s probably best to let Jason know that you’re interested in getting some from his next order.
    Absolutely worth stopping by. The coffee is better, and the line is shorter, than any chain shop in Tucson.
    And msot of the indies!

  2. Espressojunky

    Psyd, I think you mean P.T.’s coffee, not Peets. They were the 2009 Roaster of the Year, and are located in Topeka, KS.

  3. Well, yeah. Chalk it up to not having enough in me at the time I wrote that.

    Thanks for the catch!