I’m not really sure what to think about Espesso. A sort of thick substance made from coffee. It was recently introduced to America and has been available in Europe since 2002.

The Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide. Could be invaluable next time you travel.

What in the world is The Arizona Daily Star thinking? I think it went down like this: “Um, Fred, we need to do a little sidebar on coffee, can you put something together by 5:30?” And Fred (I’m just guessing at that name by the way) says “No Problem Boss! Have it for you in an hour.” Read it and weep.

Mama Java’s Coffeehouse (in Phoenix) got a mention in the paper.

ASU West spent $45,000 to build a shop for Starbucks on its campus.

Caffe Lusso Coffee Roasting Co. has signed a lease for space near the University of Arizona. Eighth paragraph here.

The Large Java Frappuccino has 29 packets of sugar and the equivalent of 11 creamers in it.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I never liked the daily star. And now i like them less. That list is really just unfair and insulting to a)people who like coffee, and b)people who work in the industry.

  2. I’ll say. It looks just as Chris described.. “something by 5:30.. thanks”.

    What POS.. especially compared to the terriffic article recently put out by the New York Times. Despite the fact that they misspelled the Albina Press (they printed Albino instead.. poor Billy W.), it was hands down the best mainstream article on coffee I have ever read/seen.

  3. The ‘read it and weep’ link no longer works. I’m always amazed at how many coffee shops there are in the US. We have lots in the UK, but nothing on you guys. Thing is, they’re always full. Dawn ’till dusk. By the way, the next time you are in Hong Kong, try the Green Tea Latte. I’m not joking !