Psyd (from Tucson) reminded me about some photos he took at Vida e Caffe in Globe awhile back and just sent them to me again. He’s also included a few comments which I’ve republished below the photos. Thanks, Psyd!

Vida e Caffe
The view from the main door.

Vida e Caffe
Wall Art.

Vida e Caffe

Vida e Caffe
“Backstage” view of espresso machine and grinder.

It was a warm and welcoming environment, and the staff were helpful, the drinks were great, and the place was a great stop on the way to the ski-lifts. So good that we did it again on the way back.

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten all of the names of all of the people that I met, but it was the sister and the father of one of our own, Austin, as well as the girl in the photo. I knew all of their names by the time I was out of there a second time.

The place has that unique Southern Arizona Antique feel to it. Something that has the aged qualities of a piece of history, but not the fragility that is associated with that. Kinda like the Hotel Congress down in Tucson, or the old buildings in Bisbee or Tombstone (well, the ones that aren’t touristified, anyway).

All in all, it’s an oasis of great service and coffee in the wilderness of old mining country. Right off the highway, there is no excuse for not stopping in if you’re in the neighborhood.

Vida E Cafe
157 W Cedar St
Globe, AZ 85501
Phone: (928) 425-2246

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  1. I don’t make it to Globe very often, but have heard good things about Vida and surely will check it out next time on the way to the slopes this coming Winter.


    Psyd, do you know a secret about Tombstone? What isn’t touristified there? I usually go to a pizza place right off the main drag for some kind of coffee when I’m down there. Mostly locals, but I can’t say the java’s up to snuff.

  2. Jonathan Cooke

    I will be visiting soon

  3. The Tombstone Coffee and Tea Company is all I got for coffee. Get a four-shot dirty chocolate shake. If things haven’t changed too much from when I went there to shoot their commercial, it’s the best bet. They use real chocolate ice cream, and real milk. Add a coupla doppios to that and stir in some fresh espresso grounds (trust me, about a singles worth) and that’s just a great, cool, creamy, caffeinated texture explosion. And enough sugar and candy to cover the sins of the barista. I dunno about price, mine were on the house. The spoke of making that a menu item, but I dunno. You may need to convince them that a custom order is worth it.

  4. Pierce/Bear

    The last time I was in Globe was late 2008; need to get back there but ‘life’ has a tendency to get in the way.

  5. Joel Robbins

    I was by there twice in the last month when I was going to Safford. I discovered it on the way, and revisited it on the way back.
    Cool coffee shops are a miracle. A place for interesting people to gather and share a place to be. This qualifies as one cool coffee shop in a city that would be much less interesting without it.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Pierce/Bear

    Is it true that Vida is no longer around? Even their Yelp review disappeared.

    • Hi Pierce, I’m not sure, but their Facebook also says closed.