Gorilla Marketing Ideas: What are some of your gorilla efforts to get new customers as summer arrives? Now is the time to put on your marketing cap.

Summer Drink List: Send me your list of summer “cool” drinks and I’ll post them here on the site (as a combined post with whoever else emails their summer drink list in).

I have explained all of this in a short video. Not sure if a video was the best way to do this, but there it is!

The video of our new ping pong tabletop is what’s exciting.

Come by the Tornado office any time to challenge our ping-pong capabilities! Here are some driving directions.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Chris, are you turning this into a vblog? Kinda cool, actually.

    So this summer, ALL of my customers will be new customers. I wholeheartedly support guerilla marketing (I think of Rage every time I see that word), but will probably stick to the conventional stuff, since I have plenty of other issues to worry about.

    I don’t have a summer menu. Princess Coffee offers each regular beverage with the option of being iced or blended. But I also have a seasonal item and a special, so I’d better get crackin’ on that…(mmm lemon latte)

  2. Thanks Michael. I think I’ll do a video blog post occasionally.

    I think gorilla marketing efforts force you to think about marketing. Deciding to do something inexpensive yet unexpected makes you actually think about what you’re doing. I think that’s important.