Mitch from Press Coffee gives us a personal demonstration of their new Trifecta Brewing system, which is a brand new machine. Press Coffee has the first one in the state that is in a coffee shop. So watch the video!

The sales rep for Bunn was on hand at the time, and I asked him what they sell for. He indicated that a coffee roaster could get one for $2,499 but the street price is double that (I seriously don’t get that… why not just have one price?).

It’s a very simple machine, with a sturdy aluminum construction weighing 49 lbs. Visually, it isn’t the most amazing looking machine, but it reminds me of the Super Soaker… simple design without a lot of flashy parts. In that manner, it is very much different than the Clover.

If you visit Press Coffee, you should ask for a cup. It’s really nice and is making some very good coffee. I tried two of their coffees: a Sudamo and a Peruvian and both were excellent. Very smooth. And unlike a french press there is no “grounds” at the bottom of the cup.

Press Coffee Food Wine
5410 E. High St.
Suite 115
Phoenix, AZ 85054
Phone: (480) 419-6221
Twitter: @PressCoffee

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  1. Oh I forgot to mention: Bunn’s rep said they’re working on a in-home model for consumers, but he didn’t sound like that was coming any time soon.

  2. Thank you for the simple, hype-free demo and description of what the machine does.

  3. Todd

    I had a chance to visit Press yesterday and try some coffee from this machine. It was superb – full of flavor and body but without the thick crud usually left after a standard press pot cup of coffee. I’d rate the taste somewhere between a chemex and a press pot. Good stuff!

  4. Todd — I’d agree with you. It’s like a french press but without the thick crud.

  5. Love seeing Mitch on here! I’ll be playing with one of those tomorrow.