Here’s a quick video that gives you the general tour of the scene down at the Arizona Barista Jam. I took this video on Sunday, January 7th and have many more videos which I’ll post this week.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I would like to thank everyone that came to our little shin dig. I was hoping for maybe twenty people, but I think our final registrant count was in the forties. All those Baristas and future shop owners gave the Jam the energy it needed to be memorable.
    Larry of Rocket Coffee really pulled out all stops on gathering the sponsors and special guests to make this thing worth coming to. Without his efforts this would not have happened.
    As many of you saw I started to tear up when welcoming you to the Jam, but you did not see me cry after it was over. Not because I was tired and my voice was gone, but that I would miss all of you. For two days, you all validated my hope that being a Barista is not a foolish endevor, and that there are many of us that do care about our position as a Barista.

  2. Steve Kessler

    I agree Trevino it was awesome. It was amazing to see so many people hungry for their craft. Another thanks needs to go out to Pacific Soy and Red Rock Foods for helping to bring in Reid. He was great and I saw lot’s of Barista’s talking to him and asking questions. Another thanks goes to you guys for opening your shop to the event and lending lot’s of your stuff for everyone to use. You guys went above and beyond to make sure things flowed and people were getting the experience they came for. This being your first event, you guys floored me. You guys made me personally feel like I was welcomed and allowed me to be part of the fam. I look forward to seeing the four of you in a couple of weeks.

  3. What a great time. So many people hungry for anything they can do to increase the quality in their own shop. It was incredible to see, and it was so different from the apathy I am used to seeing around here.

    Trevino, you did one heck of a job organizing and managing this thing. I know how you feel. I felt sad to leave as well.

    Long live the Vein!

    Steve, thanks a ton for taking me back up to Phoenix so I could catch my flight. It was great talking with you.

    I hope to see one of these happen again in the future. I know I’d do everything I could to make it.

  4. Thank you to everyone that attended our first, and definately not our last, Arizona Barista Jam! The energy and enthusiasm was apparent and the thoughts and discussions being exchanged were crackling with energy. It was amazing to see so many people sharing ideas and their own personal stories!

    I want to thank Martha, Jim, Trevino and Lindsay from the Coffee Vein for the incredible amount of hard work and effort they put into making this Jam happen! Everything flowed seamlesly and people were made to feel welcome due to the Vein’s tireless efforts. Amazing job!

    A big thank you to all of our sponsors who believed in us and the growing Arizona coffee scene and wanted to be a part of and support our Jam!

    I also need to express my gratitude to the people who gave the presentations, like Edward Martinez from Finca Vista Hermosa who made the trip from Bellingham, WA to share his stories and knowledge with us!

    It was gratifiying to meet so many people who share a passion and commitment to excellence in the exciting world of coffee.

  5. Jessica - Cabin Coffee

    I really just wanted to thank everyone who was involved for such a great experience. Being around people with so much knowledge who want nothing more than to share it is very refreshing. I’ve always wanted to be able to be involved with people who really strive to be the best that can, and understand why that is important. I loved that there were people from every part of the coffee industry in the same room together.
    I’m not at all active online so I only just heard about arizona-coffee, and the jam.
    Thanks to Steve from Red Rock Foods for telling me about the site and the jam, without him I probably would have missed out.
    Also thanks again to Mike Trevino and everyone at the Coffee Vein this was something myself and alot of other people really needed.
    Thank you Larry for everything I’m really looking forward to working together.
    Thanks to Jason for talking coffee with me and for being happy to answer my millions of questions.
    Finally thanks to Chris for this site I’m so glad I know about it.
    You guys Rock!

  6. Jessica, I enjoyed talking to you guys. Feel free to email me anytime. I’d love to keep a line of communication open.

  7. Ann from Cabin Coffee

    I just wanted to second what Jessica said. What an amazing time! It was indeed refreshing to be able to communicate and share knowledge with so many people who are so passionate and involved in the coffee community. I felt like I was in a coffee-slump for quite a while before this–unable to find anybody who really seemed to care and feeling pretty frustrated about the whole scene. The jam completely rejuvinated my interest and passion for the art and science of coffee. It was overwhelming to be surrounded by so much knowledge and to learn so many new ideas and techniques. I was also very sad when it came time to leave. I met some really amazing people and look forward to seeing you all again in the future!
    Thanks so much to The Coffee Vein…you can tell a lot of hard work went into this and it really paid off. Thanks to Steve for getting Jessica involved with the Jam and without whom I would still be in a coffee-slump. Thanks to Larry–we’re all really excited at Cabin Coffee to be working with you soon! Thanks to Jason for letting me pick at his giant brain (which I plan on picking at more). And thanks to everyone for just being so incredibly nice. I was blown away by the positive, energetic vibe that permeated the jam.
    This was definitely a huge step forward. Coffee in Arizona will never be the same!!

  8. Steve Kessler

    Thanks for the Thanks! I’m glad you guys were able to come. It was great to see all of you again. Your Cafe’s level of enthusiasm was incredible. I’ll be stopping by in a few days to say “Hi”.

  9. Now that I am seeing the light over all the things I put on the back burner to focus on the barista jam, I can now read all the comments.
    I was deeply excited, overwhelmed, astounded, emotional and satisfied after all was said and done. I could not believe the result of all the hard work. To see so many people responed so enthusiastically and passionately was…I can’t even find words.
    I want to thank so many people for making this happen.
    Larry Jones at Rocket Coffee Roasters, I really believe we started something beautiful. I also really believe that without you this either would have never happened, or would never have come off the way it did. Perfectly.
    To all our sponsers, Oh my God, thank you! To believe in The Arizona Barista Jam, again made this thing possible. Thank you!
    Trevino. What can I say. You are the man. This has to be short, because I could go on forever. I really could. You brought this idea to us and said please. What if we sais no? Then I would never get to experience this kinda of gratitude. Thank you!!!!!!!
    Miss Lindsay, you are my sunshine in the storm.
    Always the energy to keep me going.
    Jim, oh Jim. You truely make my life. The Coffee Vein would never be here today if it wasn’t for you. Your strength is powerful and your love and belief in what we are doing here, is the only way I would survive.
    To our friendly volunteers, you are the bomb! You know who you are. The list is to extensive.
    The speakers were incredible! Edwin, trying hard to keep it humble. Thank you all!
    Lastly, I think,I swear, I’m almost done.
    To all of the attendees. Truely, truely, truely! Ya’ll made this happen! You guys made me feel like none of this was in vain. That there is hope for all of us to continue our education in this giant industry. Your appreciation for this event has not gone unappreciated. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!