Does anybody know who roasts coffee for Hava Java? We’ve been enjoying some Vienna Roast here at Tornado Design and enjoying it quite a bit.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Julie

    D’ arte

  2. Karen m.

    stopped by hava java last nite after dinner at the Food Bar in scottsdale. they had a cinnamon something decaf that was very good. it’s hard to find good fresh brewed decaf.

  3. I received this email today.
    Tres Brecheisen wrote:

    We have been roasting the Vienna Roast served at Hava Java for 23 years.
    Justin has served our coffee and Tea since the day he opened. Only his espresso is roasted by D’arte. Call me any time if you would like more information or come out and see our operation.

    Tres Brecheisen
    Coffee Roasters of Arizona
    7585 E Gray road
    Scottsdale Az 85260