village coffee roastery Scottsdale AZIf you think about it, one of the oldest coffee shops in Scottsdale is Village Coffee Roastery. They’ve been around for more than 10 years, and I understand the shop is now run by new owners (the third owner). Next time I stop in I’m planning to ask a few questions of the owner. First of all, I want to ask them why they don’t grind per shot.

My cappuccino (not the best).

Raspberry Danish, baked fresh in the Roastery that morning.

The new owners have vastly improved the interior of the shop, adding new furniture, fixing up the paint and lighting, and installing a few new counters.

Village Coffee Roastery
8120 N. Hayden Rd.
Suite E104
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 905-0881

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  1. Jason Casale

    As you know Chris I work here as the roaster.
    I am sorry your experience and drink where not up to par.

    The store policy is to grind per shot.
    I am not sure how they missed that.
    I would encourage you to talk with Lisa the new owner directly regarding your concerns.
    I am sure she would love to meet you and would be very receptive to you.

    I enjoyed finally meeting and talking with you the other day as it was something I wanted to do for quit some time.
    I am very glad you gave me the opportunity.
    I hope we get the chance to meet again some time soon.

    Best Regards,
    Your friend Jason Casale

  2. Hi Bill,

    Yes, they roast their own coffee and I believe a number of restaurants use it (I’m not sure though, that’s old information).

  3. Jason,

    It was really great to meet you last Sunday over at Intatto! Thank you also for preparing your special drink!

    I never judge a coffee shop by one experience — and so I’ll definitely be back to Village and try something else soon.

  4. Chris, I didn’t see a shot of the machine (not the cash register). What kind is it? I remember a Rancillio, I believe, from several years ago. Things look different now from what I can tell in the pictures.

  5. Victor, I’ll look next time I’m there. I can’t remember.

  6. Chris T said, “I never judge a coffee shop by one experience”. Good on ya! Unfortunately, pretty much everyone else does. They tend to judge it by their first experience. I’d remind baristi of this tendency anytime pay or tips are discussed. There is a direct correlation between service, quality and income. There is also a direct correlation between the income of the shop and the income of the employee.
    And Vic, thanks for not making me the sole kit fanatic. Machinery makes the coffee. To a certain degree, you can get decent coffee out of the most minimal of kit, but the machinery chosen speaks volumes about the potential of a place, if not the actual results.

  7. About Village coffee:
    I met Craig Selman about 10 years ago (I believe He opened 1 year before that) and knew I have met a real coffee professional. He stopped me outside his place, probably because I was driving a small truck with a coffee company logo on the side and I thought “this dude is going to scream at me for visiting his clients. At that time I was new into the coffee industry and I had experience a couple of nasty phone calls from a couple of my competitors. For my surprise I was actually invited to come inside and offered to taste amazing coffee. At that time He was running experiments on his brand new Sasa Samiac roaster, Agtron controller and spectrophotometer. Wow, I never saw so many scientific instruments in a roaster, especially in a small one. I had visited in past weeks many huge size roasters in California that pumped out a couple of million pounds per month and they used many quality control mechanisms. Heck even some of the mid size roasters at the time were not using such instrumentation. I learned that Mr. Selman was a former air traffic controller and a Chemist by trade so the knowledge and the use of technology made a lot of sense. I learned a lot of things after the years from Him. This place was sold to Lisa Stroud one of his employees and She is picking up from were He left Village. They have a very loyal follow up and there customers rave about there coffee. I know that the rent is high but they seem to manage. This proof to me that many obstacles can be overcome by believing in your product and by using quality in your business plan. They currently have a 220 volts Brasilia 2 group machine but they replace espresso equipment about every 4 years, they have the same Fetco 52 series brewer for regular coffee and they have the same instrumentation for roasting that still very good for the coffee industry. I wish Village coffee the best because they have survived and thrived for many many years they were the first coffee house-roaster after the original coffee plantation on Mill.

  8. Ron, you’re right about Village – they have a very loyal following. Every time I go there I notice that everyone appears to be a regular. It’s interesting. When I was there a lot of people came in.