I stumbled across Vintage Ad Browser today and after searching for coffee realized they have over 600 vintage ads promoting coffee. A significant number are for Maxwell House. I found this one is a good example of a campaign they ran.

The slogan, “Everybody knows the sign of good coffee,” was run on a lot of their ads and refers to the way the woman is holding the coffee cup. It looks like they were trying to start a little viral way of requesting a certain brand of coffee.

Another one I liked, above, has a cool illustration. It would make a great poster.

And then this great ad shows a clever “taste test.”

Anther clever headline from Columbian.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. James Rowell

    Great pictures. Enjoyed the page.

  2. John S Volborth

    Which coffee used the line, “Welcome pilgrim, your search is ended?” Thank you for your time..JV