I stopped in at Cafe Zentro Coffee House (reference) this morning on my way back from a meeting. I had never been inside since they close in the early afternoon.

I had a doppio macchiato which I’ve grown to love. Although it seems that every time I order one lately, the barista will look at me confused and ask about the term doppio (double in Italian). Somehow I had gotten away with using that term for over a year without any confusion, and then recently a good half dozen places had no clue.

The coffee was reasonable. Just a little bit bitter. They have a La Marzocco in the shop and the surroundings are very nice. It would be a fun place to hang out. I’ll be back to sample again.

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  1. I think this is a problem (the lingo that is) across the industry. Some shops still will only serve the a “caramel macchiato” as a frozen blender drink — not the shot of espresso and foam as the drink is really made.

    I think it is also hard because some shops in the US will serve a tradional Italian menu (and terminology) and some do not.

    ..just my thoughts.

  2. Yeah, seriously!

    Sometimes when I have a macchiato that is really bad I feel like putting some caramel in it.

    Usually it’s easy to tell when they don’t know what you’re ordering when they grab a big cup and try to charge you $4.

    A doppio macchiato I had last week only cost $1.83. That was at the new Coffee Rush in Gilbert (if anybody is interested).

  3. Robert Devin

    My wife and I stopped in at Cafe Zentro quite by accident. It is a very charming place with excellent atmosphere. Prices are quite reasonable and we really enjoyed our food and drinks. We live near Show Low but will definitely make this a “must” when we next return to Phoenix.