A new coffee brand is coming to Tucson, and they’ve just opened their first location in Arizona, a drive-through.

Waverly’s Premium Coffee Roasters is located at 5775 E Broadway Blvd. Donna Hammond emailed me to let me know that they are planning a grand opening in May. I believe they are now open for a soft launch. Waverly’s is a coffee company based in Spokane, Washington.

The Tucson location was also featured in the newspaper on April 2nd.

According to Ellsworth, there are 40 coffee stores in Tucson, but only 12 have drive-throughs for a metro area with 1 million people. Spokane has half the population but 160 coffee companies — and most have drive-throughs.

“This market is hurting,” Ellsworth said. “The goal is to open one and continue to open places until the market says it is saturated.”

Ellsworth said they hope to open five to 20 Waverly’s in Tucson, all drive-throughs only, within the next few years. The company is named after Ellsworth’s father, Waverly J. Ellsworth.

Waverly’s Premium Coffee Roasters
5775 E Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: (520) 777-6773

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  1. Psyd

    It’s not that we need more drive throughs in Tucson, it’s that we need more drive throughs that serve decent coffee. If they aren’t shooting for greatness, they might as well have stayed in Spokane. A quick reminder; sometimes getting out of your car in the desert heat to fetch coffee is a great excuse to steal some air conditioning.
    I’d love to hear someone talking about great coffee. We have drive throughs, but most of ’em are ‘Bucks. Now we need one that focuses of coffee, not quickness.

  2. san4rd

    I have had Waverly’s coffee here in Spokane. It is awesome coffee. The best I have ever had in the Spokane/Seattle area. I ask you to go, give it a shot. If you understand the desire and love of small batch roasters, you will love this coffee roaster.