Coming from the “strange but true” department is Weasel Coffee. Available for purchase from ThinkGeek, of all places (currently sold out).

Weasel Puke Coffee

Hat tip: Steve Kraus

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Pierce/Bear

    OMG……………that is sooooo wrong. :O

  2. So, I’m not a big coffee drinker…mostly black tea for me. But I did go with coffee this morning and it was delicious. If this were on the label, however, um, I may have had to pass. Is this for real? They’re actually selling coffee with this label? ha!

  3. David K

    I wish all forms of Kopi Luwak would just go away

  4. I’ve been told I’m opinionated, so here goes: I will take it a step further than David, Kopi Luwak must die! With that, we in Specialty Coffee must push past customer’s experiences with Kona Coffee, etc. and introduce them to well-sourced coffees from countries around the world. Telling the customer the flavor notes they may experience and giving them a story about the farm owner or farm itself will give the customer a much more desirable experience than just having a “good cup of coffee while on the beach in Hawaii” (Kona). I’m not saying that all Kona is bad; however, I am saying break the “experience factor” of the customer by introducing them to many regions/farms with GREAT coffees. Posts like these and products like this goes to show that their is much work to be done in the coffee industry….back to work!

  5. Psyd

    I knew that there was a reason that I liked you, Brian!
    I think that there should be a single chalkboard for every SO offered, with that story right on it, and an invitation to ask your barista if you have any questions.