Weather and CoffeeThe coffee shop at Bell Rd. and the 51 freeway has closed. Founder Ed Phillips and family started Weather & Coffee in that location a little more than 2 years ago. It’s a commuter location and one of the few indie shops with a drive-through.

The operation will continue as an online store offering coffee and tea. The site for Weather & Coffee online is, and we wish them the best success.

The shop closing was reported by Leslie Terrill in the Forum, thank you for the tip.

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  1. Jennifer Capella

    Wow! One more coffee shop to go!
    I agree with Jessica on previous comments… I refuse to drink *Starsucks* and the independent coffee houses are closing… What are we going to do?

  2. Jennifer:

    Maybe a localized “campaign” to support local coffee shops is in order. Something with graphics that are provided to all coffee shops.


  3. I just finish a conversation with a fellow in Alabama that wants to open a coffee shop. This is what I told him: make sure that he finds a coffee roaster in the area that may serve him as a source of knowledge, to get a job in a successful coffee house and I also urge him to research the market before he uses the home equity line of credit in this new business. I don’t know if he will pay attention but if he doesn’t, there is a possibility that he will be going out of business. The main problem is that we are so infatuated with owning our own business that sometimes forget that we are also govern by the same rules of business as Starbucks or any other multinational franchise. The difference is that they work on marketing, finding the right location, accounting, product formulation, menu design and employee training in a more proactive way than the average coffee shop owner (I have been one before). Recently I noticed that several businesses have closed but now we have a blog to notice this changes and before we didn’t. Arizona has always been a challenging market and here we have to fight very hard for the buck. I always said that the best coffee should be supported so lets become better and then tell our community that we are better. Support Arizona Coffee.

  4. I never went to weather and coffee, so this is not in relation to them but more about the closing of coffee shops around the valley.

    What I find strange is how much money and resources business owners put into a coffee shop, and yet have no desire to even see what good coffee tastes like. You have to do all of the same things as a starbucks (research, marketing etc) but if you can’t make a drink as good or as consistent as a starbucks, then perhaps you shouldn’t be running a business. It isn’t hard to do. A small shop should be able to knock out any starbucks easily, it just takes the desire to do so. Look at the survey that was taken and see what people like about a shop.

  5. Pierce/Bear

    As a consumer; coffeehouses are a funny breed of cat.

    Either one has the ‘mojo’ or it does not—–there is nothing in between. I am referring to the Indie places here. 🙂

    And; quite frankly, despite some naysayers’ opinions to the contrary, simply having a ‘good coffee’ is NOT a reliable indicator about whether a place will survive/prosper or not.

  6. This morning I was reading “Hacker News” (a site for start up founders) and one thread caught my eye and I thought I would share it here.

    Click here to view the thread.

    The basic premise is that this guy wants to start a cookie and milk place and asks advice. Lots of people responded with spot on feedback. I thought it was relevant to the coffee business.

  7. I am very interested in this post, being a owner of a new indie coffee shop, I find all of your comments very helpful. I believe that this type of business requires a delicate ballance, I also believe that as an owner you need to be intouch with every aspect of your business. It takes an awful lot of coffee drinks to pay the monthly bills and may of us need to find a “hook” that one thing that sets you appart from the rest. The mojo factor is huge! and so is the staff, you need to have well educated people with a passion for the product. Now for the product,
    it is essential that your coffee be FRESH roasted by a qualified roaster, either on site or by a roaster that can ship the same day! And most of all, play to your strengths, if you can’t extract that perfect shot or get that milk just right, then hire someone who can, and then support them! Do what you do best and seek out people who will support you. If you do it right you will never have to fear corp coffee, open up next door and let them do your addvertising.

  8. Jennifer Capella

    I’m glad to hear all this!
    But… How many coffee shop owners it takes to solve this mystery?
    Can someone mention at least ONE coffee house (independent) that has last more than 3 years in Phoenix? Just wondering…

  9. @jennifer. For sure Lux, Seattle Espresso has been around for a while, coffee plantation but they are just lucky and plenty of them have shut down.

    For the most part, any coffee shop that serves coffee that I like.

  10. Many factors come into play for the indie coffee house, most commercial spaces are on a 3 year lease with 3 net expenses, (pro rated share of taxes, insurance and common spaces) unless you negotiate an extension. All this is not for the faint of heart!! in the past, We have purchased the commercial space for our coffee house. At least you have the equity! So if you want to see your favorite indie coffee house survive: Support it!

  11. I had just started frequenting Weather and Coffee as I just don’t like Starbucks. I have one within walking distance of my home and still drove 2 miles to Weather and Coffee. I’m really bummed to see them go out as I have driven by there for 2 years and never stopped. They had great atmosphere and great staff and I really liked their coffee even if it was strong for a coffee wimp like me. There is another coffee house near me called Mocha Bianca. I haven’t tried them yet as gas is taking my coffee money. =( I tried the one at Greenway and Tatum in the Safeway parking lot but honestly wasn’t impressed.

  12. Dave, keep trying, hopfully you will find a indie coffee shop that can serve you wimpy coffee. When you do, support them, even if it means walking to the video store on friday nights

  13. Pierce/Bear

    Mama Java’s on E Indian School perhaps? They have been around for a while 🙂

  14. Jennifer Capella

    See… this is exactly my point… it’s sad…

    Who supports this blog? Coffee Lovers (Usually a few hundred)

    Who supports *Starsucks*? Those that “just” need a cup of coffee (Usually a few million)

    Independent vs Chain
    Quality vs Drive Thru
    Loans vs Lots of $$$

    Which business can survive this way?
    There you go… my two cents…

  15. Another really long term coffee shop Hava Java’s (Camelback / 32nd St). They’ve been there at least 10 years.

  16. Boy, I love this interaction. Village coffee has been in business since 1995. It is not easy for coffee houses, Summers come and go in Arizona and some of us experience about 30% loss in sales during this months. What I recommend is to keep always the same level of enthusiasm as the first week of business and always market your business.

  17. Pierce/Bear

    For whatever it is worth: after looking at the ‘new’ Starbucks logo……..methinks they may being going downhill……….

  18. Jennifer Capella

    As cruel or inappropiate as it may sound…
    You should try to get an interview of some sort (with sound if you could), with the owner of one of these coffee houses who closed.

    I would be thrill to hear some the answers…
    Just a thought!

  19. As co-owner of The CoffeeBuzz in Ahwatukee let me tell you times are hard. I like the idea of getting some sort of campaign together to inform people about eating and shopping locally. There is Local First Arizona. I advise both business owners and customers to check out the site.
    Feel free, anyone to contact me at this email address to discuss further how we can keep the “mom and pop” shops of all kinds going. I was very saddend to hear about the death of the owner of The Daily Buzz coffeehouse in Queen Creek.

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