I was interviewed recently by Stephanie Palenque who is a writer for Images AZ Magazine here in Phoenix. I mention it because she interviewed me about coffee in Phoenix!

Check out the interview at the Images AZ site under the subhead of coffee resources. Most of the interview resides around me saying where the best places to get coffee are at. Of course I had to say that the Spanish Latte at La Grande Orange is my favorite (still is).

I wanted to also mention to any first time visitors that Arizona Coffee (where you are now) is working very hard to be the premier online destination to learn about coffee shops and coffee culture in Phoenix. Stay tuned as we bring you tons of new reviews and coffee buzz in 2006 all from the Chris Tingom personal perspective.

Thanks Stephanie for the interview!

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November 2005
Writer Stephanie Maher Palenque

One of the best resources in Arizona on coffee and coffeehouses is the website www.arizonacoffee.com. The website focuses mainly on reviews of the coffeehouses in Arizona and the specialty drinks to be found in them. Chris Tingom, owners and creator of the website, gives comprehensive reviews of menus, atmosphere, and coffee quality, focusing mainly on independent coffee shops.

Tingom’s company, Tornado (www.tornadodesign.com) is responsible for a number of different websites, including another culinary review-related website (www.arizonareviews.com).

“I want for my site to be the ‘definitive resource’ on coffee for Arizona residents,” intimated Tingom. He named “Lux Coffeebar” (4404 North Central Ave. Ste. 1; 602-266-6469) and “Mama Java’s” (3619 East Indian School Road; 602-840-JAVA) as two of the “trendiest places in town” and Romancing the Bean (Scottsdale Pavillions; 480-951-3063 and 80 East Rio Salado, Tempe; 480-921-4088), and Cup Z (11615 N. 136 th St., Scottsdale, just north of Shea, both with multiple locations, as places to keep your eye on. But of all the coffeehouse Tingom has frequented his favorite is “La Grande Orange.” He calls their “Spanish Latte” the best specialty drink in town.

Tingom explains that, at least in his opinion, coffee quality rates number one in importance on the rating scale, then atmosphere. He also notes on his website, whether a coffeehouse has Wi-Fi (access to the internet) and whether or not it’s free. “It’s an important factor to me, and to many others who frequent coffeehouses,” explains Tingom.*

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  1. Keep up the good work Chris! I’m looking forward to a very exciting year for Specialty Coffee in Phoenix!

  2. Well thank you! It wouldn’t be any fun without the people who visit and get in touch. Have a great Christmas!