What music do you listen to in your shop or when you work? I’ve seen a lot of places jump on the satellite radio tune, and it works out pretty good. If I had my own coffee shop, I think I’d hook iTunes up to the sound system and play music that way.

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  1. Thomas Reynolds

    My favorite thing about Gold Bar Espresso in Tempe is the absence of music 🙂

  2. Independent artists, mostly. You wouldn’t hear a single Top 40 song on my playlist.

  3. Here’s something most people probably don’t know about the Apple Airport. You can get several of them and iTunes can play to multiple separate speakers and keep the music synchronized. So you could theoretically have 4 of them all hooked up to different speakers and play music to all of them. Pretty cool stuff.


  4. Sirius is great! The CoffeeHouse station is perfect for in store use.

  5. Austin

    We have mostly indie stuff. Some stuff that people would recognize like nirvana, and some more popular indie like Shins or decemberists. I had an old lady come in the other day saying that she had the Regina Spektor Cd that we were playing which threw me for a loop. Oh and every once in a while you will get Jennifer Knapp 🙁

  6. I dig the instrumentalists. I used to play a lot of Kaki King in the store.

  7. Well, Seattle playlists tend to be eclectic, progressive and retro stuff that the staff picks out. Literati in Santa Monica played some French stuff, Rat Pack stuff, and some other variety off an iPod.

    I personally like the idea of buying and playing mostly local music. But that means finding good local music, which could be no small task.

  8. Shanea

    I just learned about a company called In Stone Music that actually provides independent music to coffee shops. They only represent independent artists/labels. The shops can play and sell great new music. Their world section seems a little lacking, but they have a great selection with artists like Amy Speace and Gwen Hughes.

  9. Ann from Cabin Coffee

    It depends a lot on the time of day, the weather, the overall vibe I’m getting that day, I guess. We use XM satellite radio now, but before when we had a CD player I would play a variety of music; from Elliott Smith to The Unicorns to Portishead to The Beatles to the Amelie soundtrack. We had probably close to 100 different CD’s at the shop.

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