Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jeff

    Cute place inside. But when I asked for an espresso the lady asked me…”you don’t want anything in it?” And when I asked about what beans they were using, I was told “we get our beans from a local girl.” Nothing more. I guess it’s time for a second visit.

  2. Jeff

    Chris. It was the the day after they opened I believe.

  3. Reno

    I was by there a day ago and they’re using Village Coffee Roastery. Cute place.

  4. For a while they were keeping it a secret who they used for their beans. Glad to see they are opening up a bit more. 🙂

  5. Trevor

    Some training was necessary in the first few days! Come back and see us 🙂

  6. It’s a cute place, very French-ish. But not many seats, really. The patio is nice but this time of year, you can’t count on that being pleasant. Their hours are also somewhat limited. Close at 6pm weekdays, earlier on Saturday, and not open at all on Sunday.