If you have a favorite barista, now is your time to say who.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Either Susie at Lola on Roosevelt or Andrea from Royal at the Market.

  2. Ashley at Cartel Tempe has always been so nice – even when I was just starting to learn about coffee.

  3. F.

    Drew @ Steve’s Espresso!

  4. Me

    Tiffany & Sharon over at LOLA.

  5. Bruce

    Troy at LUX Central

  6. Angela Belknap

    Cordell @ Coffee Plantation on Shea!

  7. Kris Kauffman

    Cord at the Shea 14 Coffee Plantation and Jordan at the Via Linda Coffee Plantation.

  8. Jamie

    Jordan… on Via Linda…

  9. Miad Vakili

    Coffee plantation Via Linda/Mountain View

  10. Cord @ The Coffee Plantation (Scottsdale & Shea)

  11. Amber tillinghast

    Jordan from via Linda is the bomb!

  12. Steve

    All the baristas at PRESS COFFEE!!!

  13. Michelle Lindsey

    No one makes better mindfreezers than Jordan from Coffee Plantation on Via Linda. She is not only a great barista but an amazing person. She always knows how to bring a smile to my face in the early morning hours. Her positive attitude and great customer service keeps me coming every morning. Keep on brewing Jordan.

  14. Dude

    Ashley at Cartel. She is kind, attentive, and serves a quality drink that she’d want to be served!

  15. Ryan & Beau at Cartel Tucson! They make an effort to get to know you, be your friend, and keep the atmosphere fun.

  16. IROT

    CORD – coffee plantation – scottsdale & shea !!

  17. Julian

    Perry at Urban Beans. Dude is creative.

  18. Danny

    Perry from Urban Beans. Very Talented guy

  19. Amanda

    Perry from Urban Beans! That guy is the ish!

  20. Carlos

    Perry from Urban Beans. Hands down!

  21. Liz

    Perry from Urban Beans. Coffee made with passion and love.

  22. Dave @ Coffee & Tea Express
    Andrea @ Royal at the Market
    John @ JoBot

  23. John

    Ashley @ Cartel
    Cayce @ Giant
    Fahde @ Village

  24. Rebecca

    Jeff @ 32 SHEA. Super nice guy that just loves makin’ coffee, toddy and coming up with creative drinks.

  25. Deb

    Perry at Urban Beans!

  26. Lisa

    Jeff at 32 Shea! Absolute best in town!!

  27. Cheryl

    Jeff at 32 Shea! He is the BEST!

  28. Diana

    I vote for Jeff Hawkinson at 32 Shea… He is amazing!

  29. natalie

    Jeff @ 32 Shea.

  30. Adam

    Jeff @32shea

  31. Josh

    Jeff @ 32shea … The guy has got skill !

  32. Tom

    Jeff@32Shea….best in the biz.

  33. Shelly

    Perry from Urban Beans, each drink is a work of art.


  34. Chris

    32 Shea has the best barista, Jeff!!

  35. Ian

    Jeff at 32 Shea

  36. Jeff Hawkinson from 32 Shea. He has a sweet beard. His beard makes Chuck Norris’s beard jealous…because unlike Chuck Norris’s beard, Jeff’s beard has 2 fists and an roundhouse kick to the face instead of a chin behind it.

  37. lisa

    Jeff at 32 Shea hands down is the best barista!

  38. Ann

    Jeff – 32 Shea

  39. Karen

    Jeff @ 32 Shea

  40. Zayne

    Obviously Jeff at 32 Shea!

  41. Adrian

    Jeff @ 32 Shea is my hero.

  42. Jennine

    Perry @ Urban Beans! ♥ him

  43. Sky

    Perry at urban beans:):)

  44. Geena

    Definitely Perri from Urban Beans

  45. michael

    Perry from Urban Beans- a true artist!

  46. eve

    Perri at Urban Beans= AWESOME!

  47. Jeremy

    Perry (Urban Beans) hands down

  48. Smalls

    32 Shea
    No one can make a Mocha Nutella like Jeff! You gotta try this coffee! Jeff is my, “Kato!!!”

  49. S prags

    Jeff at 32 shea is the best!!!!

  50. emilio

    Perry from Urban Beans

  51. Perry Czopp at Urban Beans!!!
    A true craftsman of coffee

  52. CM

    Jeff @ 32 Shea. I’ve never met anyone with such a passion for coffee!

  53. Steve J

    By far, Jordan at Via Linda and Mtn View. She always has a smile and does a great job.

  54. Char

    Jeff @ 32Shea!

  55. Seth

    Perry at Urban Bean is The Man!!

  56. Alannah

    Perry Czopp is THE man!!!!!
    He makes an effort to know everyone personally and makes some of the best lattes in Phx!! <3

  57. JR

    CHAD at Solo Cafe in Tempe!

  58. Noelle

    Jordan at Coffee Plantation (Via Linda)!

  59. Jr

    Jordan working at Coffee Plantation on Via Linda in Scottsdale

  60. MIkey

    Kayla at CoffeeWizard. Best dirty chai in THE world. This chick is OG.

  61. Isabella Rosalini

    Service at Coffeewizard is simply divine. Quick and friendly, what more can you ask for? I was blown away.

  62. Dave

    32 Shea – The secret to their success is Jeff “the bearded barista”

  63. Rob

    Jeff @ 32 Shea!!!

  64. Tony Terry

    Samm from Baristas in Seattle is the best and sexiest barista in the country.

  65. Cram

    Jeff @ 32 Shea, hands down.

  66. Ramona

    Jeff @ 32nd Shea! He’s the best!!!!!

  67. Lainey

    Jeff at 32 Shea. He’s amazing!

  68. Cali Shay

    Jeff @ 32 Shea… best coffee I’ve had ever… esp the specialties not on the menu… so creative… can’t start my morning without Jeff’s smore… just sayin 🙂

  69. ashley

    Mr Jeff @ 32 shea… so talented… yum

  70. your mom

    Jeffy Poo @32 Shea… the best in the business

  71. cantaloupe

    Jeff @ 32 Shea… cause even “your mom” thinks so…. plus its true

  72. shanon

    Jeff… and the rest of the morning crew who are great assets @ 32 Shea

  73. Jenna

    Jeff is greatest! He makes it pretty easy to love his personable charm and his luscious espresso drinks!! Not to forget his quick hands on the machine!

  74. Kelly

    Jeff is the best, he proves that lumber jacks make the best lattes! (beard reference)

  75. Mitzie

    All the barista’s @ LOLA central but TIFFANY is my fave!!!!

  76. Tyson

    Sharon at Lola’s is the best!

  77. Deedee

    Sharon from Lola

  78. Tamara

    Sharon @ Lola rocks my socks off!!

  79. Douglas

    Sharon @ LolaCent: She’s great to talk to
    Tiffany @ LolaCent: Great taste in tunes
    Susie @ LolaRoos: She quickens my pulse
    Meghan @ SoZo (Chandler): Really warm smile

  80. zanne

    The fabulous Sharon and Tiffany at Lola Central

  81. Mike Bear

    Sharon Koger @ Lola Coffee Bar is my favouritest barista evar!

  82. Abcd

    Timiko at Extreme Beans in Tempe

  83. Lisa U

    Sharon and Tiffany at Lola Uptown!

  84. jessica

    Susie at lola on roosevelt.

  85. Susie at Lola on Roosevelt. Always serves a great cup of joe with a genuinely friendly smile.

  86. kitties

    Susie at lola (downtown phx)

  87. Ana

    Susie @ Lola .

  88. lorrie

    My favorite barrista’s are both Sharon and Tiffany at Lola Coffee on central. Always great cappacino;s served with great care and dose of love!

  89. adrienne

    dylan@heart of sedona cafe

  90. Karen Reider

    My favorite barrista of all time is Dylan Jung of Heart of Sedona in Sedona, AZ. He makes the best cup of joe, however you like it with an artistic flair. And he entertains you while he’s making it!

  91. Freckles

    Eric, formerly of LUX, now Giant Cup, has been my favorite barista/roaster for years. He is low key, consistent in demeanor, and always courteously respectful.