azcentral-listHere’s a screenshot I just captured of the AZ Central voting for 2014 “best” coffee shop.

I’ve been thinking about doing a little poll like this at some point… and calling it a Arizona Coffee Readers Choice Award. But, it’s silly polls like this that always give me pause.

Let’s review for a minute, just for the sake of discussion. Of these, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Starbucks, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can qualify as mass-market chains. That’s four.

The other options I’m given are Cartel, Coffee Rush, Elevate, Lux, Sip Coffee, and Songbird. Those are all fine choices. Nothing against them, but what’s the deal? They only gave us 6 legitimate choices, and failed to provide any sort of write-in line. Actually, I know what the deal is. It’s designed to drive traffic. I know this because I can vote once a day, every day, until voting ends on Sunday. And, AZ Central¬†could have added a write-in line but for some reason it looks like they chose not to do that.

Oh well.

You can see the list if you scroll down this page:

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Another thought: According to the link below, Steve’s Espresso won in 2013 (Best Coffee Shop!). If I’m to take this literally… I must ask what Steve’s Espresso did to get banished from the list only a year later?

    In 2012 a coffee shop called Java Grounds won first place, beating out every other coffee shop.

  2. Perry

    Dutch Bros all day err day

  3. Jonathan

    Well, here’s the dealio: I’m not sure if you just noticed the list recently or knew there were over 40 total “coffeehouses” azcentral listed 3-4 weeks ago. Based on voting, the 10 that received the most nominations became the “top 10” to vote for. Trust me when I say that I’m not personally a big fan of polls like this, but you have to market to your clientele in hopes of receiving the most votes — it’s not simply chosen by a reader or a coffee genius. That’s just the way it works. I agree with you in that there should’ve been a place to write-in your vote. Cheers!

  4. Jonathan, ok that actually makes a lot more sense. I don’t fault any coffee shop that’s trying to win these things. I totally understand it’s a game about eyeballs. Plus, then the winner can say they won!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Steve

    Your title…who makes these lists? 20 year old just out of college with no direction in writing. Pure filler….kinda like cream for donut.

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