There are a lot of coffee houses in Phoenix and around Arizona that actually roast their own coffee beans. The coffee is always fresher and better at these places.

Where do you go to get fresh roasted coffee and what makes it unique?

Some that I know of include Cave Creek Coffee Company, The Village Cofee Roastery, Cafe Cortez (someone called today and I asked about a company with a similar name, this might be it), then there’s Rocket Coffee which I’ve not experienced. There must be a hundred more in the valley alone. Anyone? One in Flagstaff: Late for the Train (best web site of the bunch, too).

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  1. Ben

    I don’t buy there, if only because it’s on the far side of town from me, but Areopagus Coffee does a lot of roasting. The owner even has a blog!

  2. Administrator

    Ben: Thanks.

  3. I own Papa’s Perks Coffee Roasters in Glendale located on the Se. Corner of 67th Ave & the Loop 101. The address is 6685 W. Beardsley Rd, Suite 110, Glendale, AZ 85308. We are open M-R 5am-10pm, F-Sat 5am-11pm, and Sunday 5am-7pm.

    We roast all of the coffee that we server in shop and provide muffins, breakfast burritos, bagels, and deserts options.

    We also offer free 802.11g wi-fi in the shop.

  4. Coffee Roasters of Arizona Inc., Passport coffee and Tea roasts over 200 coffees to order and custom blends over 250 teas. We also carry over 450 coffee and tea related items from espresso machines, coffee and tea brewes, grinders, Torani syrups, Cappuccine, Mont Blanc sauces. to go cups, french presses, ect. Coffee Roasters of Arizona is a family owned business and has been roasting coffee in the Scottsdale Airpark since 1983.
    Our phone number is 480-948-1419

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  6. Jeremy

    Holy smokes, you must mention Macy’s ( in Flagstaff, my favorite coffee stop (so far) in AZ. This place is legendary; the coffee is great, and offers many vegan and healthier breakfast eats than the massed-produced garbage common in the Phoenix area….

  7. Brian

    Raging Sage Coffee roaster in Tucson on Campbell north of Grant.

  8. Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters would be me. We are a relatively new wholesale/retail roaster located in Tempe. We specialize in small-batch custom roasts and offer private labeling services. You most likely *will* be hearing our name more as our business expands. We started out as an internet green-coffee supplier (, but became so hooked on the coffee business that we set up a small roastery and are continuing to grow.

  9. This company is brand new in Scottsdale, they are offering home and office delivery, I just signed up and I LOVE the service and the coffee is so good. I guess that they moved here from Seattle? Check out the website:
    I went to their office and wached them roast some coffee and had some fresh espresso too. Really nice people.

  10. Hi Betty, thanks for stopping by and telling us about Matador Coffee.

  11. Aaron

    Where are places that have a customer friendly roasting environment? I’m glad to have found this forum, because lately my coffee bean pursuits have been a little frustrating.

    When I lived out of state I found a place that roasts within view of the customer, and it was an option to buy from the beans right out of the bin. Of course I let them degass overnight, but in the morning it made the best cup of coffee imagineable. I would buy 1/4 pound bags at a time, and repeat this every 3 days. The beans were never more than 3 days old! Now I’m expected to pick from a prebagged selection that is weeks or months old, and every 17yr old employee insists it will taste the same as fresh roasted beans. Once you’ve had fresh roasted as I’ve described above, and compared them to these specially sealed bags from many merchants, the conclusion is obvious – it’s not the same.

    So, where in the Phoenix valley can I get beans right after roasting?!

  12. Aaron,

    There’s a link at the top of the page to coffee roasters. Call around and ask each of them about a roast-on date. Rocket Coffee Roasters does for sure. I’ve picked up coffee that was roasted the day before. Village Coffee Roastery has the equipment in the coffee shop. Areopagus Coffee is also a roaster. I haven’t talked to them in a while though.

  13. AZ Todd

    I want to turn people on to Matador Coffee, too. It is seriously the best coffee I have ever tasted, and it is really something special to visit that roastery. Mario brings you right in on the whole process. And their slogan is DRINK LOCAL COFFEE. You’ve gotta love that.

  14. Hello all! I am also a huge fan of Matador Coffee. I was turned on to them by a friend of mine. I have to say that Mario is one of the nicest people, and genuinely loves to teach people about the roasting processes. His coffee is incredible. If you get a chance to meet his father, you will have a great time hearing all of his stories. This place has an over-all great vibe. And I agree……Support Local Coffee!!!

  15. It’s About Coffee in Flagstaff, AZ. They freshly roast Brazilian, Columbian, Jamaican Blue Mountain and a ton of other coffees from around the world and ship within one day of roasting; so the coffee is really fresh! Locals can pick up their coffee beans within minutes after the roast is complete. Their website is

  16. Joan

    I want to thank you all for the info on coffee roasting. We have guests coming and want to take them to a neat coffee place. Looks like there’s more than we can do with them, but we’ll continue the tasting in the coming year. Thanks again. Glad to find your site.