Who should I interview next and what would you like me to ask them? I’m hoping to do about two interviews a month and hope to do some audio interviews lasting about 5 minutes. Quick stuff.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I’m looking forward to reading those interviews, whoever they might be. I’d like to see one of the big independents from Tucson interviewed. (Epic, Ikes, Raging Sage, Safehouse, ect) There are few indies I very much dislike, but I’ll stay quiet on those.
    I do know for a fact, a new shop is going up in the same plaza as Scoot Over on Broadway between Swan and Columbus. Arron of Roaster X is consulting them. I’m not trying to promote them in any way positive or negative, but thought it might be interesting for an interview of a shop before it opens, followed by a just after opening interview (when reality sinks in), finally followed by a interview after they’ve been open for a while, say a year or so. I’m not sure if they’ve been approved yet, but will try to get you a contact number if you want.

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the good feedback. I think maybe what I should do is make a trek down to Tucson one weekend with a bunch of interviews all lined up. There are too many good places to visit and I already have invites from several in Tucson.

  3. Beth

    Hi Chris! How about an interview with the guy from Rocket Coffee?

  4. Hi Beth, that’s a great idea. I’ll talk to Larry and see what he has going.