My personal theory is that it isn’t the coffee. Or the buzz it gives them.

This is another advantage cited by Gladwell. Writing “seems like a fun activity now,” he says. “Kind of casual. It’s been more seamlessly integrated into my life and that’s made it much more pleasurable.” Newbies to working remotely almost always agree. Being out in the world during the middle of the workday almost feels like getting away with something, even for people who actually waste a lot more time in office settings reading, gossiping with colleagues, or taking long lunches.

From The Atlantic — an article about working best at coffee shops I found interesting.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I do it for the free internet! got to save $ in this economy… those extra things in life like internet are usually the first thing to go, so why not take advantage of the free service almost every coffee shop offers?

  2. Jaime Aguila

    As a college professor, I need noise to work when writing or grading. When I work at home or in my office, I lack energy. My two favorite spots are the Solo Cafe and the Rhino. Good spots.