Check out this Wine Library TV site. It’s not really my expertise but I love the way the guy does his videos. I don’t know how people describe things the way he does. It must take a lot of practice. Someone needs to start doing videos like this showing coffee tastings.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Mike Trevino

    LOL! Asphault!! I like his discriptions. I would like to discribe what I’m tasting in an espresso like that. If I had a decent pallette, I’d get excited too. I do think he popped and tasted one too many asphault tar bubbles as a kid though.

  2. I thought it was funny how he described everything with either a mocha or espresso flavor.

  3. Austin

    I find it funny just how Cable Access it feels. Although he definately is into it. Kudos to that guy.

    I wish i had a pallette for tasting wines or coffee’s for that matter. Unfortunately when I lost my sense of smell my dream of becoming a professional taste tester was dashed into pieces.