Thanks to C.C. Royal for this tip: Winfield’s Cafe was featured this morning on ABC 15’s morning show called Sonoran Living. You can read the story and watch the video clip here.

A couple of interesting things:

  1. Employees are volunteers — curious about how that works?
  2. Coffee is roasted by Matador Coffee.
  3. Winfield’s Cafe is located at 7025 East Osborn Road in Scottsdale.
  4. It’s part of the First Baptist Church of Scottsdale.
  5. The shop is named after Winfield Scott, the founder of Scottsdale.
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  1. That’s good to know. I drive by there everyday on my way to and from work and I was curious about it. It doesn’t appear to be open in the mornings, though. I will definitely stop by now that you mention that it is a nonprofit and all proceeds go to charity. That’s definitely my kind of coffeehouse.

  2. Winfield’s is open Tues-Sun from 7am-Noon! There is free live acoustic Jazz on Friday nights until 11pm! Hope to see you there!