The Arizona Daily Star has a feature up about Globe, AZ and our friends from vida e caffe are briefly mentioned.

If you’re up for a cup of plain, no-nonsense, mining-town joe, try any downtown restaurant.

Latte lovers and others looking for a specialty caffeine buzz might drop in at Vida e Caffé, a coffee shop at 157 W. Cedar St. A double-espresso, with excellent crema and flavor, costs $1.50.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Steve Kessler

    Congrats guys!

  2. We had three different people (or groups) come into the shop today because of that article, and all of them ordered espresso.

  3. That’s terrific. I thought it was fascinating for a newspaper to use the term “excellent crema and flavor.”

  4. Yeah, if only we had less Tucsonians and more Chris Tingoms.

    (just joking Tucsonians we love it when you show up)

  5. Geoff Owers

    Keep up the righteous coffee work, Baker’s. Thanks for hooking us up with a Mocha Latte, Caramel Mocha and the smoothies for the kids.

  6. Pierce

    Chuckling here:

    I was just at Vida e Caffe’s———-again!

    This was yesterday. 🙂

  7. Do you tell anybody when you are there. While I am never working there, but i am often times hanging out. If you ever see a young guy (25) hanging out, not working, walking around in the front and back you should say hey.

    I’m the one carrying a white rose.