Sorry to leave everybody hanging suddenly. I have a client in town and about 35 other web projects going for other clients, so we’re staying busy. I do have photos from my visit at Royal Coffee Bar, and will post them this week, with a mini review.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. karen m.

    bump your clients to the back of the line and post your review on the royal coffee bar. i conned my husband into going there with me the other night but they were closed. love the look of the place from the outside. very sleek.

    kudos to everyone working on getting that neighborhood up to speed. although i have to say, if i were alone, and if they had been open, i may have been a tad spooked at night to get out of the car. but, the times they are a changin’.

    can’t wait to taste their stuff.

  2. Karen,
    We are sorry that you came to the coffee bar only to find it closed. Our hours of opperation are 7:00 am-6:00 pm. We are currently working on our weekend hours, but our doors open at 7:00 am both Saturday and Sunday. We will probably stay open until late afternoon. I hope this helps for your next trip to Royal Coffee Bar.
    See you soon,

  3. Karen m.

    sounds like a Saturday or Sunday visit is in the cards. hope you’re open after lunch. I’ll check your website to see if you’ve posted your hours soon.

    had not been that far south downtown for many moons so i was amazed at the growth (albeit sporadic). sending you successful vibes.