hava java

I’ll post more photos of my visit to Hava Java, but seriously if you’re going to put that on your cup you better know how to make microfoam.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Brandon

    My family went there a month ago and the “barista” didn’t even know how to ring up a half pound of coffee??? The prices were per pound. She asked my family how much they usually pay… they seriously had to tell her, “half of what a pound costs.” So, Microfoam could be a bit of a challenge.

  2. Luis

    Sounds/looks like the people voting/rating on AZ Republic, New Times, Citysearch, Entertainment and Phoenix Magazine need to know what THEY are talking about.

  3. It may sound as a shocker but when somebody wins a “best of” based on readership the actual product does not factor in. In othe words if you ask 500 of your customers to post on best of Phoenix poll you will probably win, however they may ask you to advertize in there publication and will try to sell you a $100 plaque. sorry if I bursted any bubbles.

  4. Randall

    Well.. Hob Knobs did win “Best Coffee Shop in Downtown Phoenix” this year. Over Lux, Lola’s, Royal Coffee Bar, Copper Star, Fair Trade, Conspire, Drip, and a dozen other better shops imo.

  5. Tara Green

    With Hava Java, it really depends on when you go –the (inside) weekday morning barista is terrific, and I have always gotten excellent drinks from him. However, drinks made by the afternoon and weekend baristas are very inconsistent.