A few months ago I received a few sample cups from SmartCup. They have designed a way to put a French press on a disposable cup (for coffee to-go). They call it the XPress lid system.

Here is how they describe it:

XPress lids works in the same fashion as a French press. The XPress lid allows the drinker to experience the flavor and aroma of quality coffees because it allows the coffee grounds remain in direct contact with the brewing water and the grinds are filtered from the water using a mesh filter.

So I gave them a go, and they actually work really well. It’s rather fun to be driving down the road, and push the plunger at a stop light… drinking a French press in your car.

XPress lids give you a French Press to-go

The XPress before I have pushed the plunger. The plunger reminded me of a golf ball tee.

XPress lids give you a French Press to-go

The pitch is like this: Sell your customers a bag of coffee, and offer to make a French press to-go with some of the beans.

XPress lids give you a French Press to-go

My coffee (before pushing the plunger). Once you push down the plunger, you want to keep the lid on because it secures the filter at the bottom of the cup. It was really important to push the plunger down evenly, otherwise coffee grinds can sneak around the edge… which happened only once.

XPress lids give you a French Press to-go

To learn more you can contact Bob Koffee (bob.koffee@mysmartcup.com) at SmartCup.

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  1. Martha

    How much are they? Where can I buy some? Love this idea.