I ran across an article in the newspaper about Xtreme Bean. They were featured because of their music and entertainment variety. I didn’t know it but Xtreme Bean has music 4 nights a week. There is a growing trend among independent coffee houses to have music. I really like it.

Here’s a few quotes from the article:

Xtreme Bean hosts musical acts four nights a week. Artists set up in the coffee house’s limited space between the piano and a leather couch.

Owner Jack Wells, 74, bought Xtreme Bean about six years ago with his wife. His son runs the day-to-day operation.

Wells also performs there.

The Phoenix resident said he’s been playing piano off and on most of his life. He and friends entertain patrons each Monday night with ragtime tunes.

“Ragtime is making a resurgence,” Wells said. “Students hear it and they like it, but they don’t know it’s ragtime unless you tell them.”

From the ’70s until the early ’90s, the building was a bank. One of the current study rooms is a converted vault.

After that it became another coffee shop, which since has moved.

Outside there are an abundance of tables under a breezeway.

Beverly said Xtreme Bean in May will begin hosting an open-mike session Sundays where beginning artists can have their performances recorded on video or audio.

“It’s how a lot of people get started before they can get a gig,” Beverly said.

The shop is open 24 hours Fridays and Saturdays and closes at 11 p.m. during the week.

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