The Yama Cold Brew Tower has to be the most unique coffee brewing method I’ve seen – it claims to make a cold brew over 8 hours, and uses ice water.

What do you think? Have you seen one in the wild? They retail for around $210 and are available online.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I like it. It looks like a work of art too and a conversation piece for guests. Doesn’t seem too expensive either.

  2. Steve

    Love the method…coffee has a distinct difference in flavor in respects to Toddy.

  3. The video was well done, and the apparatus certainly looks awesome. I couldn’t help but wonder, if it takes 8 hours for the entire brew to be finished, how long does it take for the grounds to get fully saturated, and is that coffee going stale one drop at a time? Perhaps the coffee should be pre-wet? If it were fresh coffee would the bloom cause it to poof up over the edges of the beaker?