Even though the temperature is 115 by the readout in my car, I still order my coffee hot when I order at a coffee shop. Why? It’s an odd question. I suppose it might taste better, maybe I’m used to it hot, but there is another reason. It’s that I get more drink for my money when it’s hot.

The difference is the ice. The ice takes up a good 30 to 50% of the drink volume and I’m a thirsty guy and don’t want to spend my money on ice. How about you? Fed up with the iced drinks that are more ice than drink?

I know I’m not alone in this thinking. Just today I was visiting the Starbucks at 92nd St. when a guy sat down across the room and commented to his girlfriend that the drinks should cost less because of all of the ice. His ‘tall’ drink was gone in a couple of swigs because it was filled to the brim with ice. That’s just not right. I can get a bag of ice at Walgreens for only $1.

So what has to change? For one, I think Starbucks should offer ice in a separate cup on request (maybe they do?). Second, I think the baristas need to be conscious of the amount of ice they put in the cup. You don’t need to fill the entire cup with ice to the brim.

Rant in the comments if you feel the same.

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