I stumbled across Yovana Yogurt recently. It’s not really coffee related although they do have an espresso machine and can make you a variety of coffee drinks. I admit I didn’t try the coffee but instead went for the yogurt blended drink. It was pretty good. They mix berries in and allow you to pick from the selection in front of you.

Besides a very clean environment, and free wireless internet, the yogurts are spectacular. Plus they serve coffee. Next time you’re in Gilbert give it a try.

Yovana Yogurt
1430 N Cooper Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I found the same Yovana about a month ago. I stuck in some traffic on Cooper, made a turn into the shopping center and discovered the little jewl. About 6 months ago I saw a mom and pop yogurt shop featured on TV that I can’t find the name of. I always like to give my business to smaller companies rather than chains (Yovana is part of TCBY). Nonetheless, I agree, a nice little stop.