Chris TingomThe purpose of Arizona Coffee is to spread the word about great independent coffee shops in Arizona.

The goal is to connect people with coffee houses across the great state of Arizona.

I launched Arizona Coffee in March, 2005, and since then this web site has played a small role in helping to develop the robust coffee culture we have in Arizona. This web site is the most popular resource about coffee in Arizona, and receives thousands of visits every month. Readers visit Arizona Coffee for the latest news about coffee, and for our comprehensive list of coffee shops and coffee roasters in Arizona. If you only have a few minutes, check out those pages, and this list.

About Chris Tingom

I am a 35 year guy living in Scottsdale , AZ with my wife and two kids. I’m not a coffee professional by trade, but started this web site because I wanted to find the best coffee in Arizona. Through this web site, I meet so many amazing people in the coffee world, and am constantly learning about the art of great coffee.

My typical coffee adventure includes a cappuccino or an iced toddy. Nearly every weekend I hop into the car and visit a new or favorite coffee shop with my family. I’m out and about driving all over the state of Arizona exploring great coffee, and sharing those visits with you here on Arizona Coffee.

You can follow me on Twitter at @christingom and @arizonacoffee and “like” Arizona Coffee on Facebook. I post frequently on Instagram, too. My day job is building great web sites. I help medium and large businesses design and develop awesome web sites. If you’re interested in my work building web sites, you can find me on LinkedIn, see recent work on Dribbble, or visit Tornado to learn more.

If you wish to receive an introduction or recommendation for a coffee roaster, please fill out this form.

Arizona CoffeeArizona Coffee in the media

Arizona Coffee has been seen in The Arizona Republic (multiple times), Phoenix New Times, Barista Magazine, The Scottsdale Times, Images AZ Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, and heard on KFYI 550 AM. If you’re a member of the media, and would like to speak with me, get in touch!

lux.jpgA few of my plans for Arizona Coffee

  1. Video interviews — owners, roasters, and barista interviews
  2. Equipment — Coffee equipment short-form reviews (brewers, espresso machines, accessories)
  3. Maps — showing coffee shops on a Google Map
  4. Email newsletter — I’ve got a big list of emails, I just need to grow it and start!
  5. Rankings — I’d like to come up with something to award prizes to certain coffee houses for “Best” in a category

I also write a really excellent guide to visiting Arizona and another site with ideas for things to do with kids in Phoenix. I’ve even started reviewing restaurants. My passion is to explore this awesome state, which I grew up in, and do my best to share the best places to go with you. Enjoy!