Steves Espresso

I recently made a circuit of a few coffee shops in Tempe and Steve’s Espresso was my first stop of the day. I visited Steve’s Espresso on a Saturday in February before the weather had warmed up. One of the neat things about Steve’s Espresso is that they use a French Press for plain coffee. On a previous visit to Steve’s I had had an Ethiopian Harar made in the French Press and it was really quite good. It’s good of them to be using the French Press. Most coffee shops just do the drip thing.

Steves Espresso

But this visit was different, and based on the recommendation of a Jim Jeffers, I decided to try the Mocha Europa (pictured above). He had said it was one of his favorites from Steve’s Espresso. It was actually quite good. I don’t usually get the sweet coffee drinks. This one is definitely high up there on the sugar content. I liked how they served it in a metal cup. Classy!

Steves Espresso

I also ordered an iced toddy coffee. I found a seat on the patio. Almost all of the tables inside were taken. It’s no joke that they need more tables. There are a lot of people who stay at length working on their laptops. Toddy coffee was good.

Steves Espresso

Overall, Steve’s Espresso is a great place to hang out and get some coffee.

Steve’s Espresso
1801 E Baseline Rd.
Ste. 102
Tempe, AZ 85283
Phone: (480) 777-5373

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  1. Nice, didn’t know about them. I’ll have to check them out, looks good!

  2. Melissa

    I agree with your thoughts, Chris. I would also add that everyone who works there is super friendly. And if I remember correctly, their pastries are also pretty good.

  3. hb

    I been looking for a nice place in Tempe, I know
    where I’m going this week.
    That metal cup is so awesome.

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