I tried a double shot of espresso this week at Fair Trade Cafe and also had a mocha. Both pictured below. The espresso was blah.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. CoffeeSnob

    Can you even call that Crema on top of the espresso? Sad shot…they should have re-pulled.

  2. Well, it kinda depends on how long the photog took to set up the shot, and how much he slurped off the top first!
    If that’s what it looked like when it was handed across the counter, I do have to agree, it doesn’t look very pleasant.
    OTOH, it really depends on who violated Babbie’s Rule of Fifteens as to whom the blame belongs.

  3. Tom Maegdlin

    I’ve made french press with more crema. Did they preheat the demi?

  4. Tom Maegdlin

    Did they preheat the demi?

    The mocha looks soggy too. I should post my pictures of the “Iced Latte” life cycle. I am getting everyone on board with this up at city north. Full cups of ice yield better drinks. (I like to taste the spro’ from start to finish.) Super critical detail.

  5. Hmm… comment disappeared again…

    Anyhoo, what I said was that it’s hard to tell how long that doppio waited for it’s close-up, and why it waited. If the wait happened after the cup crossed the counter, you really can’t blame the barista or shop. If it looked like that crossing the counter, however… yeah, I’d be embarrassed to serve it.

  6. Tom Maegdlin

    Not a good looking spro’ at all. Did they pre-heat the demi? Soggy mocha too. Hmmm. : /

  7. How did it tasted? Was it good coffee that just looked ugly or bad coffee that looked even worse.

  8. It couldn’t have tasted good….no way, unless like Dr. Psyd said, the close-up waited too long to be taken. Even if it was taken right across the counter, it is doubtful judging by the color.

  9. I would assume so as well, but I wouldn’t indict based on that assumption. If I were a bettin’ man, my money’d be on that’s how Chris got the ‘spro. I did want to give the barista at least a possible benefit of doubt.
    Chris coulda had something interfere with prompt photography, too. Batteries die, flashes malfunction, cell phones ring, etc.

    • Hi guys, good discussion here. I took the photo within about 90 seconds of it being pulled. I had a little trouble getting back to my seat. The photo was taken before drinking.

  10. Well then, they should be given another chance. Maybe that one just didn’t work out. At least it wasn’t served in a 22 oz paper cup!

  11. I’ll be down there again on Thursday (I’ve been going to this networking meetup for startup founders called OpenCoffee Club).

    I’ll get another double and see if I can take a photo immediately.

    Also, I’ll start doing this for every place I go. I realize now that at the end of the day the drinks everybody likes to see are espresso and cappuccino.

    Anything else you’d like to regularly see photos of when I show a new spot?

  12. Tom Maegdlin

    Sorry for the redundant posts…..obviously some delay.

  13. Ditto about the Department of Redundancy Department memo…

    I know you know, Chris, but the owner’s choice of kit tends to be an indication of his dedication to the bean. Not always, and anyone can buy cool toys, but it’s a barometrical indication, for sure.
    Case in point, Cartel’s Synesso, E-Robur, Clover, and the Versalab M3, and Luce’s with their LM GB5.
    So, more pictures of the hardware, please!

  14. Okay sounds good. I’ll ask to get some shots of the setup. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get the shots as sometimes the staff don’t know who I am.

  15. The good ones don’t care who you are, and are proud of their choices. Just say, “I really want to get a good picture of that (drop the kit manufacturer here) because it’s so beautiful!
    If they say ‘no’, publish that instead. We’ll be happy to draw our on conclusions! ; >

  16. <<<>>

    Maybe it’s the trench coat and fake mustache?

    Yeah, I guess you have to make the call depending on the situation. If they don’t know who you are then you could expect the same served to the “average joe”, which is what you’re after.

  17. Well, San Francisco has kind of a different history…

  18. I remember that. We almost lost you there.

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