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From what I’m reading, it looks like Tucson coffee nerds will soon have another place they can frequent for good coffee. Opening this Monday at 2502 N Campbell, is Avenue Coffee.

They have a Synesso 3 group espresso machine, which frankly says a lot about the quality of this place. There are only a few shops in AZ with Synesso’s. They mentioned that on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, they’ve done a fantastic job creating interest in their shop prior to opening on Twitter and on Facebook.

I’ll quote from the Arizona Daily Star article:

Avenue Coffee is the first venture of Mark and Jennifer Harrell, a husband-and-wife team from Seattle.
“We loved the weather here,” said Mark, a former Web developer.

“But we felt like the coffee culture was not what we were used to. We have a little bit of a different take on things. We are going to up the game around here.”

Mark Harrell, 23, said Avenue Coffee’s baristas will be more traditional in the sense that they will follow strict guidelines on how they brew coffee.

Espresso shots will be pulled within seconds of each other, and milk will be steamed to the exact same temperature every time.
Harrell said the shop also will specialize in latte art, images such as hearts and leaves, created from the milk baristas pour.

Avenue will have regular live music, pastries, local art on the walls and Wi-Fi access so it can compete with shops such as the Coffee X Change and Raging Sage Coffee Roasters, down the street.

Avenue Coffee
2502 N Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: (520) 225-0437
Twitter: @avenuecoffee

Arizona Coffee

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  1. For the sake o’ clarity, it *is* Tucson, not Phoenix, and the zip is 85716. Minor detail…

    Can’t wait to be ten minutes from bed to Synesso… A little longer if I want pants on, but…

  2. Psyd, thanks for alerting me to that! I updated the address.

  3. No sweat. I wrote2008 for the year on a check the other day with perhaps the exact same habitual part of the brain doing the writing. ; >

  4. Brian Clemens

    Very excited to add this place to my Tucson roadtrips. Going to take a trip soon and hoping to meet the owners. Congrats guys!

  5. Went in today to see if they were open yet, and they were just putting finishing touches on. Real opening tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m gonna go and get some pics, if you want some, Chris.
    The door was unlocked and there were folk in there, so I went in to see what was up. The woman behind the counter (turns out it was Jennie, the wife in the husband and wife team?) said that they weren’t open, but that she’d make us drinks as long as she could do to-go, and we were just happy to be able to get ’em. I asked for a traditional cappuccino, and my brother asked for an iced mocha.
    So, good signs:
    They prefer to pour into onto porcelain instead of paper. Yay.
    Grind per shot. You order, grind makes noise, just as it should be.
    They have a good personal relationship with their roaster. Beans are important.
    Great kit. Three group Synesso, matched pair of Mazzer Super Jollys. I’m seeing another grinder, maybe two, in their future. Just a guess.
    Nice, nice, nice. The only thing better than great coffee is great coffee made by friendly people.
    The shots looked good. Ran like warm honey, great crema, and as auburn as Audrey Hepburn.

    So the Iced Mocha knocked my brother’s socks off, and I was really pleased with the cappuccino I got, I asked for a traditional, and she explained that she was pouring it into a twelve ounce to-go cup, so that it would be a bit short. I was hoping so, but you can tell that she’s dealt with folks that speak Bucksian before. My only complaint was that the milk that was there was hiding that great shot. I’m gonna go for straight espresso or macchiatto in the future.

  6. As auburn as Audrey Hepburn? That sounds great. Nice mini review, and if you do take photos I’d love it. Just email them to me and I’ll post ’em.


  7. Stefanie Spencer

    I have been to Avenue Coffee quite a few times now and love it! Mark & Jenni are so much fun and a pleasure to chat with. Their pastries, especially the scones, are fabulous and the coffee is amazing and awesome! Highly Recommended