Brian wrote to let us know about a coffee shop closing: “Beans Books and Barks in North Phoenix has closed. There was a prior coffee shop in that same location. Here’s hoping someone else can give it a shop.”

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Pierce/Bear

    Who was in there before; the location sounds very familiar…………

    Still a loss.

  2. Steve

    Yep…all Americano.

  3. No drip means no product going bad 30 minutes later.

    Maybe BB&B had too many dogs get wired on espresso and attack each other.

  4. David Wegley

    Honestly, it all boils down to location. The location of that shop is poor. It’s not visible from the Bell or 40th street and hidden behind a Walgreens and a Jack in the Box where as Mocha Bianca is right there and visible across Bell.
    Also the niche market aspect comes into play, the Dog loving, used book, espresso drinking crowd seems to be a pretty small market.