I would say that Buzzberry’s strongest area isn’t traditional coffee drinks. My experience, at least, was that the cappuccino was way too bubbly and the espresso so-so (see my photos below), and gosh I really love a good cappuccino that has excellent microfoam. I will be back to try it again, and to try some of their other beverages.

Speaking of other beverages, they make crushed fruit smoothies with fresh fruit, and I believe that’s their specialty. Buzzberry is locally owned and operated. The owner, Kate, opened the shop in November, 2009. I really like the name. It’s the sort of name you could see competing with Jamba Juice (and the like), but with a coffee twist.

The interior of the shop is comfy, with lots of tables and a few couches. It reminded me of a home because of all of the books and interesting furniture.

My cappuccino.

Small cappuccino.

Buzzberry exterior.

The counter.

Signage outside.

5959 North Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Phone: (480) 717-9962
Twitter: @buzzberry

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  1. This coffe shop is the best thing to happen to this neighborhood

    The owner has worked hard to take an old eyesore of a remnant gas station and turn it into a fantasdtic coffe shop-In this economy!!!!

    The straff are super and beautiful!

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