John wrote to let me know about Cornerstone Coffee House in El Mirage (right next door to Surprise). They have a nice looking interior, live music, and free wifi.

Cornerstone Coffee House
13915 N. Dysart Road
El Mirage, AZ 85335
Phone: (623) 933-1118

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Lisa Guinn

    I live in the area and go to Cornerstone occasionally. (I wish it were more but the demands of work and a toddler at home keep me pretty busy.) If you’re in the area, PLEASE stop by… our community has little to offer in the way of good coffee houses, and we want to keep them in business!

  2. This is my hang out. Great place but wish they had a better location to attract more business.

  3. HTMLSpinnr

    We go as often as we can, but I must agree the location is not ideal. Now that it’s no longer on my way to work, it becomes a special trip. Their coffee is hands down WAY better than Star****s.

    They have cut their open hours back to manage costs, but every time I come in, the place only has one or two people, if any. Karen (?) is great though, and ALWAYS friendly.