I was browsing the Amazon.com Blog and stumbled upon a post about Dannon Coffee Yogurt. They describe it as “the perfect mix of sweetness with a mild coffee flavor.”

I don’t know, I’m not so convinced, and I won’t be rushing to buy any.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Well, I can personally attest to the fact that real yogurt and real coffee make a very bad combination. I shudder at the memories…

  2. I was totally thinking that. Or wondering. We make homemade yogurt AND homemade coffee. I am sure that would be gross. But maybe some sweetened stuff wouldn’t be that bad

  3. Gosh, this takes me back to all the times at Dunkin’ Yogurts, smelling all the fresh yogurt, and dipping it in my coffee (or was I dipping the coffee in my yogurt…).

  4. I’ve tried things that combine yoghurt and coffee, and every single one of them tasted like a huge mistake. Not, “Hmmm, that didn’t work so well”, but ‘Yerghklchs!”

  5. Theresa

    Dannon has made coffee-flavored yogurt for at least thirty years. Maybe they just haven’t sold it in your market before. I’ve eaten it since I was a child, and I find it delicious. Try it.

  6. Sasha

    Fudge you all except theresa, it’s amazing. if you like coffee ice cream and stuff of that nature you will like it.

  7. Betsy

    I have been addicted to Dannon coffee yogurt for 24 years. I love the flavor, texture and caffeine content. I happily consume 24 to 30 ounces a day.

  8. Cindy

    Dannon’s coffee flavored yogurt has been around forever. It was one of their four original flavors – vanilla, lemon, plain and coffee – when yogurt was sold in waxed cardboard 8-oz. containers (back int he 1970s). I have been addicted that long. It is getting hard to find so I often order it by the case (used to do that with their low-cal cappucino flavor too). It is wonderful!!!!

  9. noë

    It’s my favorite yogurt! It looks like all the people putting it down haven’t actually tried it.

  10. desert tortoise

    It is a constant battle to find Dannon Coffee yogurt at Safeway. When I ask, they say they don’t carry it. Then, miraculously it appears for a day or two, and I buy a whole bunch. Then it’s gone again! It’s the only flavored yogurt I eat, and I wish it would just stay on the shelf.

  11. coffee l over

    I love Dannon Coffee Yogurt! It is not sweet like most other yogurts. It is delicious. I eat it every day. The flavor combination is outstanding.

  12. I try to eat no more than 2 a day, though I admit to sometimes eating 3 (like today). There is nothing like it, and all the imitations — store brands, Stonyfield, etc., just don’t cut it. They used to sell it in large quart containers. Don’t I wish it were still true! But watch out if you really try it: the word “addiction” has popped up in this post for a good reason. You may eventually need a support group like I do.

  13. Karen

    Could someone pleeeeeeze tell me where I can find Dannon coffee yogurt??? I live in Tucson, Arizona. There was a day when I would fly to Chicago, buy a dozen cartons, and fly back home to Seattle, where it was not yet sold. I was so happy when they began distributing it there. Now, I’m in Tucson, and can’t find it anywhere!!! Thanks!!! Karen F.

  14. Melanie

    hi Karen,
    It was available at the Fry’s at Mill and Southern in Tempe until last week. I understand that Fry’s will special order things for people. I am planning on going in there and doing exactly that tomorrow, and I would recommend that you do the same down in Tuscon 🙂

  15. An OUTSTANDING DELICIOUS flavor–it’s the only coffee-flavored yogurt I like….and yes, it can truly be an addiction. It’s very hard to find here in Midwest, too.

  16. Janet

    Is it still being made? If so, where can I purchase. I live in Tampa, FL. I love, love, love this and can’t find in any store. Thanks.